First summer weekend

I spent the weekend at T’s moms place and it was so calming. This was definitely the first really warm and summery weekend. We didn’t do much, mostly hanged out in the yard, playing games, reading, going for a jog and then enjoying the sauna. This was exactly what I needed after a busy week at work. Hope this weather continues for the whole summer now. Next weekend will be fun since I’m going to my own summer place and I’m going to do some sailing!


This weekend was really calm and good in every way. At Thursday we got T’s sisters dog to “babysit” over the weekend. I love to spend time outdoors during the weekend, so this was perfect. I had a really good reason to spend the whole day hiking in Luukki with the dog and T.The weather is also really warm and sunny at the moment, feels almost like summer. This day we haven’t done much else than chilled on the balcony in the sun. Overall a really good weekend and I feel energised for the coming week.

Green smoothie


I really like to make green smoothies. They are so easy to make, and it’s a great breakfast to bring to work. This is my favourite recipe at the moment, hope you like it! I would like to hear what you put in your smoothies?

3 dl spinach
2 kale leaves
½ apple
1 lime
1 kiwi
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp hemp protein
½ banana
½ orange
oat milk / water

Thailand vacation

Good morning! I thought I would share some feelings and thoughts from our Thailand trip we made a few weeks ago. Our vacation was two weeks long and we stayed at two different places in Krabi, Ao Nang and Koh Lanta. I loved Thailand, it was so calm and pretty.

Most of the days were quite calm. We started our days with a big hotel breakfast and after that we headed out for some exploring. For each day we did something different. We went to see other islands nearby, walked in the jungle and saw waterfalls, kayak paddling and a lot more. In the afternoons we mostly chilled out at the beach or pool, reading, sleeping and eating. Our vacation was really amazing!

The only down side to our trip was maybe the long flights. I had a hard time sleeping and I felt really restless during our almost 12 hour long flight. Besides that, I can really recommend going to Koh Lanta. It was a quite small island, but there was still a lot to do. Even though T got a stomach flu for a few days, there were still things we could do, which weren’t too active. And the food. I loved how fresh and full of vegetables it was. And you could basically order anything and it would taste amazing. For some reason I also got really hooked on the Thai ice cream, it was too good! Haha! I’m already waiting for our next tropical holiday, and where we will go next.

August update


Weeks go by really fast nowadays. It feels like summer’s almost over and fall is coming. The funny thing is that I actually don’t mind that summer is over. I’m already waiting to be able to wear chunky knits and new heeled boots. Fall fashion is probably my favourite, it’s so cozy and nice. Fall is also a nice season before it get’s really dark and grey.

The best part about this fall is, that we’re going to Thailand for two weeks. I can’t wait. I actually just read this really cool article about a study that shows that travelling makes us happier than material things. I couldn’t agree more. I try to save money so I can go on one longer trip every year. Next week I’m going to do a post about were we are going and our vacation plans. More about that later!